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Dr. Kashyap practices cutting edge Plastic Surgery including the latest innovations in Minimal Access and Endoscopic Cosmetic Surgery.

Dr. Ajaya Kashyap performs state-of-the-art laser procedures, power assisted liposuction, short scar mastopexies, and the latest techniques in facial cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty, total lower body lifts and body contouring. He also is a leader in reconstructive and hand surgery.

Dr. Kashyap is India's only double American Board certified surgeon - Diplomat American Board of Plastic Surgery and Diplomat American Board of General Surgery. In May, 2005 he moved to New Delhi after 16 years of practicing medicine in the USA, spending the last ten years in the Greater Boston area in Massachusetts. He has had an academic appointment as Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

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Nose Surgery

There is a popular old saying – the first impression either creates or breaks a deal, continue to rule the humane life. How you appear holds great importance. In the present times, surviving competition is not all about performing exceptionally well at work; it is equally important how you appear and present yourself. Nose, being the prominent facial feature, can affect your appearance. if you are not happy with the presence of your nose’s shape or size then you are at the right place. We are Nose Surgery Delhi. working with cosmetic surgeons who have experience and expertise in performing nose surgery, also known as rhinoplasty.

We understand those considering nose surgery has several doubts and concerns to be answered. By choosing us to schedule an appointment with the cosmetic surgeon, you can be assured to get contacted with an experienced surgeon who has expertise in performing rhinoplasty. They will explain the entire procedure, its benefits and risks so that you can make a well-informed decision.

When it comes to Nose Surgery Cost in Delhi, we strive to provide the best deal. Through our nexus of cosmetic surgeons, we schedule appointments with the cosmetic surgeons chosen by you. Whether you want to undergo rhinoplasty surgery for either aesthetic or functional reasons, you do not have to worry about the cost. Although there are several factors that influence the cost, we try to help you find the doctor providing the surgery at the best price. Experience of the surgeon, techniques used facility and whether the surgery would be performed as a standalone or combination of procedures are a few factors that can affect the cost of the surgery.

Given that Nose Surgery Job is a highly individualized procedure; overall cost of the surgery varies from patient to patient. It is customized according to the goals and reasons a patient wants to opt for it.

You are an ideal candidate for the surgery if you :

  • Have breathing troubles because internal irregularities in nose structure such deviated septum
  • Have a bump right on the nose’s bridge
  • Have a bulbous tip of nose
  • Have a nose that you think is either too small or too large in proportion to your other facial features
  • Have a very wide nose
  • Have an enlarged, protruding and drooping nasal tip
  • Have a crooked or off-center nose
  • Have excessively pinched or flared nostrils
  • Have asymmetrical nose because of an injury or accident

These are some of the common reasons for people to undergo nose surgery. Rhinoplasty surgery cost in Delhi that our cosmetic surgeons offer is affordable. We suggest that you should discuss the overall cost of surgery with the surgeon during the initial consultation so that you can prepare accordingly. One thing you can be assured of is the results of the surgery. Nose surgery is a time-tested, effective and safe solution for patients who are unhappy with the shape and size of their nose. So, schedule an appoint with us to visit the experienced and expert cosmetic surgeon to get the most effective and excellent results.

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Face Surgery

A facial surgery is carried out to enhance the overall appearance of a person by changing the way they look, resulting in enhanced self-confidence and esteem. The procedure could be reconstructive or cosmetic by nature. Patients suffering from birth defects or injury due to some accident, usually go for a reconstructive face surgery, bringing harmony to their facial appearance. A cosmetic facial surgery is performed to enhance the overall appearance of an individual feeling dissatisfied with the imperfections in their looks due to lack of facial harmony.

In order to rectify the imperfections in the face, a person can choose from among various cosmetic surgery procedures available today. Some of the most common of such surgeries include rhinoplasty or nose job, face lifts, eye lifts, ear surgery and liposuction. Rhinoplasty corrects and reconstructs the shape, size, form and function of the internal and external part of nose enhancing the overall appearance of a person's face. The excess of fat underneath chin or around the neck area can be removed through liposuction. Facial implants are used to bring balance and proportion to overall structure of a person's face. Ear surgery or otoplasty procedure is carried out to reshape the cartilage of the ear making it less protruding to the shape of the face. A facial reconstruction surgery helps correct skin defects caused due to any prior surgery, disease or scarring. An eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty helps improve the functionality that contributes to the overall appearance of the eyes.

Though the recovery time from a facial surgery varies from procedure to procedure, it also depends upon the general health of the patient. Most of the patients are discharged the same day after the surgery but some procedures require them to be in the hospital for a day or two. The patients are advised to avoid much physical activities and travel for a week or two and should abstain from any kind of heavy lifting for at least a period of one month.

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